Hotel Hypnos: The Tawny

The latest episode in the Hotel Hypnos series helps us escape to the country and discover a stay like no other at UK’s first deconstructed hotel.

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Set in 70 acres of idyllic greenery and designed to improve guests’ wellbeing, The Tawny offers “a stay like no other” as the UK’s first deconstructed hotel, taking the best bits from a traditional luxury hotel experience and combining them with naturistic design and complete privacy to offer a stunning country escape.

The video is the latest episode in the Hotel Hypnos series brought to life by luxury bed and mattress pioneers, Hypnos Contract Beds, and provides insight into the range of bespoke elements that form part of a unique and relaxing stay in rural Staffordshire.

Featuring an in-depth conversation between Editor of Design Insider, Alys Bryan, and The Tawny General Manager, Josh Chadwick, the focuses on the hotel’s commitment to sustainability and guest wellbeing.

Amidst the restored wild garden of Consall Hall Estate, guests at the Tawny can enjoy a stroll through lakeside gardens and find peace in secluded fells, as they are encouraged to switch off and immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings.

One of the core components of guest wellbeing at The Tawny hotel is a restful night’s sleep. As part of its luxury offering, each distinctively designed room features beautiful décor that complements the surroundings, in addition to luxurious touches that intertwine with the natural environment and a premium mattress from the world’s first carbon neutral bed creators, Hypnos.

Consciously designed using sustainable materials that optimise breathability and comfort, guests can enjoy what Alys describes as “the best night’s sleep”. Josh Chadwick said:

“Physical and mental wellbeing come first at The Tawny and that starts with a good night’s sleep. We pay close attention to the interior details in every room, including everything from the lighting and linen to pillow preferences, and a good quality mattress, to create the perfect sleeping environment.

Our focus is to ensure guests feel well rested and to provide an experience which allows them to escape life’s pressures, go screen free and engage a range of activities that promote mindfulness, including forest bathing, so guests can embrace a true feeling of escapism.” 

With nature at the core of The Tawny, Hypnos is proud to share its values, with a mutual commitment to sustainability being at the heart of both businesses. Carolyn Mitchell, Sales and Marketing Director at Hypnos Contract Beds, said:

“Our philosophy focuses on sustainable design and the delivery of a restful sleep. Therefore, we are delighted to be supporting The Tawny in its ongoing efforts to optimise its guests’ overall experience and be progressive in the future of sleep tourism.

Like The Tawny, sustainability is completely embedded within our business. Each of our products are ethically made using responsibly sourced natural materials and are tailored to offer the perfect balance of comfort and performance.

For us, it’s important to work with those who share our commitment to making a positive environmental impact and we’ve been truly inspired to see how The Tawny has created a bespoke experience that not only protects, but promotes, nature.” 

Part of The Tawny’s commitment to the environment includes its eco-conscious design that works in harmony with the rolling landscape. Josh explains: “Preserving nature is so important to us. Each of our rooms are built on steel beams to avoid damaging the tree roots and grounds. This year, we’re also investing in solar panels and batteries, which will help us become an A++ generated business.”

Hotel Hypnos is an ongoing series of discussions where influential and respected hospitality leaders share their knowledge, expertise, and advice via filmed interviews.

It has been pioneered by Hypnos – makers of the world’s most comfortable beds and the UK’s largest provider of hospitality beds – to add further value for purchasers and specifiers seeking to offer their guests the best possible hospitality experience. Each episode focuses on topical issues facing the sector from interior design trends through to marketing, sustainability and optimising overall guest experience.

Hypnos Contract Beds offers true comfort with integrity, providing versatile and sustainable solutions for hospitality properties to help maximise occupancy and profits, while offering a hassle-free service solution, including in-room installation and old bed disposal and recycling.

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