How to “Big Up” a Small Space

For those who design for cosy cottages or petite apartments, small things can make a huge difference. Follow ILIV’s top tips below to discover how you can create the illusion of space while exuding style.

Mirror image
Experienced interior designers strategically use an oversized mirror positioned opposite a window to bounce natural light into a small room. Large architectural mirrors can be placed on walls to create the look of an additional window, helping to break up a dark room. Smaller mirrors can be used to enhance cramped entrances. Make the most of your hallways and landing by using decorative mirrors to reflect available light into an otherwise dark area.

Shine through
Allowing natural light to spill into a room can really help to open it up and gives the impression of space. Think about adding a skylight if your apartment or master bedroom allow. If your room doesn’t come with a view, don’t panic, simply leave windows uncovered and add colourful pot plants to draw the eye and add depth.

Versatile furniture
In order to cut the clutter, use multi-purpose furniture. Perhaps seek a bed with ample drawer storage, a chest that can be used as a coffee table or consider items that can be stowed away or expanded when required.

Show off your legs
A further tip is to opt for furniture with exposed legs as opposed to clumpy sofas and boxy chairs. This isn’t limited to living rooms either, large beds look better with a clean space underneath, particularly if you are going for a Farmhouse, Parisian or Art Deco theme. Bathrooms can also get a new lease of life with better-suited cabinets raised off the floor.

Draw the eye
Re-discover your windows and take down those tired curtains. Freshen it up with sheer, lightweight materials to ensure all available light is brought into the room. If you need more privacy, muted patterns or bold vertical stripes add texture, yet keep an aspect of airiness.

Add height
To ensure your space looks taller, use light and natural shades on walls and floors but go a couple of shades darker on the ceiling. For period properties, apply luxury patterned wallpaper to the ceiling in either regal or pastel colours and move any shelves further up the wall.

Go big!
Small decorative items can crowd a room but statement pieces of art placed on light coloured walls can be expansive. Large and bold ornaments can really help to create a clutter-free minimalistic vibe associated with spacious apartments too.

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