Immerse yourself in Lasvit’s Mythical Atlantis

The visitors of Atlantis Sanya resort in Hainan Island, China, can watch life swarm on the coral reef without stepping into the water. In the lobby of the hotel floats the school of fish up and down in the rhythm of the music and occasionally dive into the pool in the coral reef and hide there.

LASVIT, a Czech designer of art glass installations, gained confidence of Fosun International company, to make this marvelous installation in central lobby as well as a number of lighting sculptures throughout the hotel. With Atlantis becoming a new landmark of the island, as well as a new level of holiday entertainment, the company proposed a daring combination of a static yet kinetic sculpture.

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“Sea Motion is composed of beautifully arranged hand-blown glass elements with a static reef and dynamically moving elements above. I studied movements of schools of fish, different ways of schooling and shoaling. We chose the most harmonious and natural patterns and translated them into the movements of the glass elements of the sculpture.” – LASVIT designer Petra Krausová.

There are three available choreographies, calm for morning and two dynamic variations during the day and evening, as well as three choices of static composition. Each choreography is arranged for specific music and supported by light effects that use a complex system of LED lights. All this is controlled from an application in a mobile device.

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“Emerging technology enables us to create random natural movements, but the beauty remains in the amazing craft of our glassmakers. The fish elements are hand-blown in multiple colors and with different surface textures to ensure a natural feel. The coral reef is composed of completely different types of glass that make it look authentic, even though it is not precise copy of nature.” – LASVIT designer Petra Krausová.

To integrate the sculpture with the lobby, the kinetic school of fish is located between the static coral reef at its base and the skylight. Nearly invisible steel cables support the individual elements and are powered by a mechanism ingeniously hidden in the coral reef.

Design Insider Lasvit_Atlantis_Sanya_14CN002_Photo_2018 glass

Overlooking the stunning South China Sea from Chinese Hainan Island, Atlantis Sanya is a resort that celebrates the majesty and mystery of the ocean. Far beyond luxury accommodation, this first Atlantis hotel in China is designed to provide a sense of discovery and pure entertainment, all built around the myth of the lost continent of Atlantis. With features including an extensive Aquaventure Waterpark, exotic marine exhibits, swimming with dolphins and scuba-diving programs, the hotel’s interior design theme was clear.

Artistic stylization invites hotel visitors and guests into a world of its own, as does the entire complex. There is no doubt we are looking at a coral reef, yet it’s an otherworldly fantastical coral reef, worthy of the myth of Atlantis.

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