Inside Out Contracts: Colour Furniture & Caribbean Culture 

Ruby Zoe captures Notting Hill’s spirit of being one of London’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. August Bank Holiday weekend is Notting Hill Carnival, which celebrates African Caribbean culture and cultural diversity. 

The event fills the neighbourhood with colour, music, dancing, amazing food and laughter. It’s an amazing experience for all your senses and it is this essence which Ruby Zoe captures.

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Colour and Culture at the Ruby Zoe’s hotel bar 

The hotel bar and restaurant Interior Design at Ruby Zoe seizes the heart and soul of Notting Hill. There are many live music events and shops selling old vinyl records on Portobello Road in Notting Hill. 

Ruby Zoe has captured this love of music and expresses this passion through various musical instruments. From trumpets hanging from the ceiling, a purple piano, and guitars displayed on the wall or standing alone. There are also a range of vinyl music covers used as artwork in its own right on the walls. 

The interior design also includes lots of vintage vibe’s memorabilia, the largest item being a Ford Prefect. The registration plate with an A on the end, suggests this car was from around 1963.

Vintage Vibes and music memorabilia 

The furniture colours make a huge impact, against dark grey walls and walnut stained flooring. Red, yellow, light blue, dark blue, and natural wood furniture are mixed to create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

Inside Out Contracts Bombay Stool in light blue, midnight blue, teal and mustard with Candelabra table base

The Bombay stools work perfectly in a range of different colours. The cane back of the stool adds a Caribbean essence and additional texture. 

The mixture of patterns and textiles we can see in the table top selection. The contrasting red Ice Cube table base mixes with the blue Terrazzo table top as an example. 

Sustainability was key to Ruby Zoes. Many pieces such as the Terrazzo table tops and reclaimed timber tops with chevron pattern were carefully selected by the designers from Inside Out’s eco-friendly furniture collection which can be found here

Blue Terrazzo Table Top with red ice cube table base

Contemporary and colourful, the Agatha stool with simple metal frame is upholstered in a range of different colours. The venue has windows facing the street with colourful wall art outside. At first glance, the wall art outside looks like a picture chosen to match the interior design.

The interior design works seamlessly with the culture, music and art ambiance of Notting Hill. 

Agatha stool with metal frame and upholstered in mustard, grape, duck egg and teal

Interesting patterns exist in various items such as floor tiles, chairs, and table tops. This table top stands out because it is crafted from recycled pallet timber and features a chevron pattern and thin border. The reclaimed nature of the wood used ensures each table top produced is unique.

Reclaimed wood table top in chevron pattern

Ruby Zoe’s is a truly inspiring venue to visit and be able to indulge in a colourful and cultural environment. Notting Hill High Street is becoming a popular destination for nightlife. It has larger venues compared to those on Portobello Road. It’s great to see Ruby Zoe and the area buzzing with new restaurants and bars like never before. 

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