Inside Out – Fu Manchu Bar

promises an authentic and modern oriental themed experience

Tucked away beneath the arches of Clapham North railway, the newly established Fu Manchu bar offers Clapham locals the first late-night destination of its kind; cleverly pairing the traditional likes of dim sums and cocktails. Named after the archetype of evil criminal mastery, Fu Manchu promises an authentic and modern oriental themed experience, in-tune with the latest Asian cuisine trend to sweep through London’s trendiest boroughs.

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The interiors of Fu Manchu follows an early 20th century drinking den complete with wooden crate seats and mystic green and burgundy upholstered booths. A mural of Fu Manchu dominates a hard and rustic brick wall, fusing a modern graphic edge into the interior which is emphasised by the sophisticated tonal lighting used throughout the venue.

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Inside Out Contracts were approached by the audio visual contractor to design a seating system which could cleverly incorporate up-lighting and a subwoofer/satellite speaker system. Design Manager Bill Ambrose says of project,

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“By using a combination of bespoke built-in tables and a series of vents and socket holes cut into the fascia, we were able to completely integrate the entire system as per the end client’s design, without compromising comfort or functionality whilst simultaneously hiding the subwoofers from plain sight.”

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The end result allows the bespoke booths to seamlessly support the atmospheric tone of the interior, whilst also providing added functionality necessary for the venue’s events and space requirements.

So whether you’re a cocktail enthusiast or inquisitor of oriental flavours, the Fu Manchu is sure to please, now regarded as a very welcomed and unique addition to the London casual dining scene.

Fu Manchu Bar
15-16 Lendal Terrace, Clapham
London, SW4 7UX

All images © Fu ManChu Bar

Provided by Emily Schweitzer of Inside Out Contracts


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