Inspirational Women: Rose Campbell

Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day 2023 and have chosen to highlight a wonderful selection of truly inspirational women who are vital members of the commercial interiors sector, each playing a different role. We spoke with Rose Campbell about being an inspiration to others, the women she celebrates, the advice she gives as a mentor and the potential impact of greater gender equality on her work.

Please could you introduce yourself and your role?

My name is Rose Campbell and I’m Head of Design and Marketing at Newmor Wallcoverings.

I’ve been working in the wallcoverings industry for over 22 years now after completing a degree in printed textile design and surface decoration with Italian. I feel very privileged to work in an industry that I love and Newmor has been a perfect fit for me. In my 5 years here I’ve grown both as a person and a designer, learnt new skills and been challenged but always felt supported. No two days are ever the same and I love it!

My new role which began in December has been a natural progression and being able to see product development through from conception to the styling of the finished marketing material is very rewarding.

What does it feel like to be inspired by, and inspire, people around you?

I am always open to learning new things and have worked with some amazing and knowledgeable people over the years that have all helped to shape me into the person I am today. As for inspiring others, that’s a difficult question as it’s not something I’ve really thought about. My passion for design and colour is something that shines through in all aspects of my personal and work life, as I literally never switch off. That paired with a strong work ethic makes me a dependable member of the team who leads by example. I’ve had to work hard to get where I am, and I never take anything for granted!

Which inspirational women do you celebrate?

For me Michelle Obama is a wonderful role model. Her poise and grace as the first lady was second to none. Being able to support her family while being in the public eye and have her own interests and career is an achievement in itself, but also finding time to think about others and to pursue charitable work is amazing! She’s hardworking and genuinely seems to want to make the world a better place and I applaud her for that.

What are three pieces of advice you give to the women you mentor?

My advice is the same for everyone I work with regardless of gender and is also the same advice I give to my children!

Work hard – always be willing to go above and beyond as hard work always pays off, and just as important, try and maintain a good work life balance, which is easier said than done!

Be nice – treat everyone in the same way whether they’re a junior or the MD. Good manners are priceless!

Aim high and grab every opportunity – you never know what your next big break could be. I was offered the job at Newmor after a chance meeting in an airport. I was telling an ex-colleague how much I was enjoying the job I was in at the time. The conversation was heard by one of the directors at Newmor who loved my energy and enthusiasm for design. When a vacancy came up, I was the first person he thought of. I wasn’t looking for a career change, but I took a chance and I’ve never looked back.

Would greater gender equality create a more sustainable future for our sector and what would that entail?

Women have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt how valuable they are in the workplace, but they’re often torn between family and work. It’s essential that employers be supportive but most importantly provide opportunity for growth and ensure hard work and commitment is rewarded. I am proud to say that working at Newmor I am surrounded by wonderful women who are inspiring role models to the people around them. The men aren’t too bad either!


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