Inspired by Nature: Designed for Positive Impact

Shaw Contract will be launching A Walk in the Garden 2.0; A fresh take on a collection that has helped pioneer the Cradle to Cradle® Product Standard.

The collection was inspired by William McDonough’s visit to a garden in China, where he was struck by the harmony of man-made weathered surfaces in nature. McDonough says;

“Every time I saw a new landscape below my feet, I would photograph it because I found this incredible variety of carved stones, gravel, grasses, one thing after another. And I realised this variety of the ground below our feet was a signal of both human making of things, but also the natural world exposing itself to us.”

McDonough’s personal images from the garden in China are raw and simple, and beautifully illustrate how sustainable design is the catalyst for the collection’s carpet tile patterns. The collection features different patterns, much like those found in a garden, to create color, texture and variety.

The design being inspired by nature led to Shaw Contract deciding to make this collection as eco-friendly as possible. John Stephens from Shaw commented;

“A Walk in the Garden represents a long-time commitment to creating positive impact on our ecosystems through minimized use of virgin materials, while eliminating waste and protecting human health and safety. The core of our brand culture is rooted in the intent to design for reduced impact – now and in the future.”

shaw contract cdw imageThis collection would work across all the market segments with custom options being available. A walk in the Garden is constructed with Eco Solution Q nylon and EcoWorx backing, these products are recyclable and contribute to LEED.




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