Inspired by nature: PowderRain welcomes a new showering experience

With warm and misty rain droplets in mind, the bathroom specialist and BCFA member Hansgrohe has developed the new PowderRain spray, designed to envelop the body in a gentle cocoon of water. With the advantage of micro spray technology, this new water method is designed to fall softly onto the skin without bouncing off.

Beyond the physical sensation, it is also designed to be quieter than traditional showers, contributing to an overall experience of pure relaxation that indulges all the senses with new micro spray water technology.

Design Insider Hansgrohe PowderRain Shower On

“When showering, water should fall on the body—and nowhere else. The effect of enveloping the body in a warm, protective cloak of water is achieved by PowderRain with dozens of small water droplets. The innovation is in every single nozzle, which has to be placed precisely on the spray disc.” – Jan Heisterhagen, Vice President Product Management.

The PowderRain spray is much finer than conventional shower jets; instead of one spray outlet per nozzle, this new water method has six fine openings that transform the spray into thousands of micro droplets. This elevates the sensation and reduces splashing, which demands less cleaning and is a great advantage for open showers.

Design Insider Hansgrohe PowderRain Shower HandIn addition, the new design was carefully conceived to contribute acoustically to the overall showering experience. Experts used Hansgrohe’s new sound laboratory to reduce shower sounds in PowderRain by about 20 percent1. As a result, the new Raindance Select S 120 P hand showers featuring PowderRain are as quiet as a whisper.

PowderRain is featured in a new Hansgrohe range of Raindance showers and continues the brand legacy of design and technological expertise.

Design Insider Hansgrohe PowderRain Shower ButtonThis innovative technology could be just what you need in your latest designs – why not contact Hansgrohe now to find out more? Last year they revealed a 280mm diameter spray disk – could this be exactly what you need?

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