Instagram LIVE Recording: An Immersive Guest Experience

DesignLSM Managing Director, Holly Hallam, speaks with Design Insider Editor, Alys Bryan, about creating an immersive sensory experience for hospitality guests.

This interview was recorded live as part of Design Insider’s Instagram Event, 6th & 7th July 2022.

Key points from Holly and Alys’ conversation were:

  • The sensory experience is hugely important to the guests’ physical and emotional reaction to a space.

‘Each of the senses need to be considered when looking at creating the best possible experience for the user.’

  • Sound: The acoustic architecture is just as important as the physical architecture. Make sure to consider the beats per minute of the music tracks chosen. The lower the beats per minute the slower and more relaxed an environment. If you want an energizing space you would go for a higher rate of beats per minute. These little details are important. 
  • Smell: Look at steam and mist diffusers that help evoke memory and really deliver on the narrative of the space. For example you might use fresh herb type scents to evoke the countryside and bring the outdoors in.

‘The scentscape of a space is something to really consider as well as how it changes between different zones.’ 

  • Touch: Are smooth curves or rough stone the most appropriate for your space? Harder surfaces work well for an energizing space for example. Dig down into the tactility of a space and always come back to what the space is used for.
  • Sightlines are especially important for evoking the right feeling, open plan settings with clear sightlines help reassure the user as there are no hidden surprises. In commercial settings, sightlines also have to be able to guide the user towards the different functions of spaces – a more open plan setting indicates this is where collaboration and work is created versus the less obvious, pockets of space that invite them to relax and take a step back.

This event was sponsored by Hypnos. HYPNOS work with hospitality clients all over the world, to ensure guests have the ultimate sleep experience, night after night.


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