Instagram LIVE Recording: Reaching Carbon Zero

Boss Design Creative Director, Ceri Lovett, speaks with Design Insider Editor, Alys Bryan, about the design and production initiatives reducing Boss Design’s carbon footprint.

“There needs to be a penny-drop moment across civilization that climate change is the biggest threat that humanity faces”

This interview was recorded live as part of Design Insider’s Instagram Event, 6th & 7th July 2022.

Key points from Ceri and Alys’ conversation were:

“There is no business on a dead planet”

  • Independent product verifications are required to enable specification, which necessitates a huge effort to produce the information required by designers. “End users are demanding a sustainability story when specifying new products” 
  • Our commercial sector should be sharing ideas to move forward and building our ‘carbon literacy.’. “There needs to be much more telling and sharing to get where we need to be” 
  • A new group of manufacturers have come together to discuss how to deliver sustainable manufacturing within the UK.  “We need collaborative working, sharing of data, experiences and learning to accelerate change!”
  •  Next steps…

 “Doing more and doing it faster…!”

 “Getting everyone to make and good decision and understand what a good decision is!”

This interview was sponsored by Boss Design, a global manufacturer supplying quality furniture to an impressive and expanding client base, including Royal Bank of Scotland, Google, British Airways, AXA and many more.

 This event was sponsored by Hypnos. HYPNOS work with hospitality clients all over the world, to ensure guests have the ultimate sleep experience, night after night.


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