Interior Designers get ‘COZE’ with Gailarde’s new venture

Gailarde Ltd, has launched a new retail site ‘COZE’ for selling luxury household linens and textiles. I know, you’re wondering why Design Insider are covering a retail site, but the site has had an amazing response from Interior Designers within our industry.COZE_WEB_BLANKETSresize This high-end collection consists of bed linens, towelling items, blankets, pillows and duvets and blurs the lines between linens made for hospitality and household textiles.16.03.11_COZE_BED_BATHROOM_010resize Managing Director of Gailarde, Richard Roston gave us an insight into how this new venture came about and commented;

“The idea came from the fact that we were increasingly being contacted by customers who had stayed in the 5* hotels we supply.  They loved the linen / towels / pillows and duvets and wanted to purchase them for their own home.

Very early on in this process we identified that in order to be a truly high end brand, the whole experience has to follow suit.  For this reason, we have invested a great deal of time and effort into our branding.  We have strived to present the very highest experience.”

COZE_WEB_BEDROOMresizeGailarde have picked up on a niche market of Interior Designers, who have clients who want the luxury experience of a 5* hotel and bring it back into their homes.

Check out COZE or for contract textiles CONTACT GAILARDE



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