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Design Insider is delighted to share a new product launch by TC Group. If we’re being honest, we don’t know exactly what learning and workspaces will look like in the future. Covid has caused a reset within both sectors, forcing us to look deeper at how we can manage and recreate our spaces to allow for personal space and safety, while still being able to connect and collaborate.

The environments where we work and learn have the ability to have a significant impact on both our productivity and our well-being. So, why shouldn’t we strive to make them as collaborative, comfortable and space-savvy as possible?

Meet Arc. 

Designed in the UK, the Arc aesthetic will define the established Titan Furniture brand for years to come.

Titan furniture is a global provider of innovative products and services to the education market. We care about our customer’s needs, which is why we work hard to design quality products for our customers manufactured across the UK, Europe, and Asia. We recognise that in educational environments comfort is the key to improving a student’s productivity, concentration, and ability to learn. We are committed and passionate about creating versatile and innovative educational furniture that can not only improve the way in which student can learn, but also their well-being and mental health.

Arc is a single shell injection moulded chair—a multipurpose and versatile product with various leg sets and colour palettes that you can choose from. Arc is 100% recyclable, fire-resistant and antimicrobial as standard, giving safety, conformity, the environment and comfort the highest priority in its design. The range strongly adheres to being versatile, with emphasis on movability, comfort, space. Created with users’ comfort, engagement, and personal space in mind.

Now more than ever, keeping our space our own is vital and Arc’s design ensures this, from incorporating movability, an active ergonomic mechanism, or even storage bases. Endlessly adaptable and designed for use within multiple environments, such as the secondary and further education sector, café and conference facilities and healthcare.
Using the Arc range, you can create adaptive, flexible, and dynamic spaces for everyone in working and learning environments. Whether that be through adding comfort with arm tablets, storage bases or utilising active ergonomics, or recreating workspaces with open plan designs, to uplift the well-being of the spaces’ users and reconnect them with others.

Concern for the environment and the connection people have with it is integral to our business and is reflected within all our products. We place the highest importance on creating long-lasting, innovative designs, so you can use our products for years to come. We are passionate about supplying products, like the Arc chair, that supports intuitive and flexible teaching environments. We recognise that understanding our businesses relationship with the environment in the design and manufacturing process has never been so important. We want to ensure that we do our part in having the smallest negative impact possible. 

The Arc chair has been created with the idea of both longevity and reuse in the future; it has been carefully engineered to adhere to being an environmentally friendly product for years to come.

In preparation for the return to workspaces, many businesses will be starting to employ new safety measures, from one-way walk systems, protective screens and better air filtration and ventilation. Many workspaces are also starting to look at hybrid spaces, employing the idea of breakout areas, open plan offices, and modular workspaces like pods and cells to create some distance between employees while still working within the office.

Arc has been designed to specifically target this idea of creating more open, connective spaces, while still allowing for extra room and personal space. Open plan can work with the correct planning in place. Fewer people on desk banks, screens for protection, increased awareness of space, better ventilation, and bringing the outside in are a few ways in which offices can promote a safe working environment.   

One of Arc’s main purposes is to provide comfort for its users through colour. The impact that colour can have on students has been studied far and wide. It’s believed that implementing certain colour schemes into the classroom can influence the emotional state and subsequently the behaviour of its students. Adhering to the idea of colour inciting productivity and calm in educational settings, the Arc collection comes in a wide variety of colours. From coral and grape to marigold and steel blue, Arc is committed to providing a positive impact on learning and working environments and the people that inhabit them.

Whatever your need, Arc can fulfil it.

Arc will be available from August 2021.

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