Introducing Pippin by NaughtOne

Introducing Pippin, NaughtOne’s first flexible mobile lounge chair. Pippin combines comfort, style and mobility into a compact lounge, with a strong sustainability agenda. 

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Ready to Move with the Times

Flexible, movable furniture often feels temporary, missing the comfort factor – not so with Pippin. This single-seat, cone shaped lounge chair encourages collaboration by helping people come together. With Pippin you can pull up a seat virtually anywhere.

Compact yet solid and stable, Pippin provides upholstered comfort and support that invites longer interactions. At the same time, it readily moves as and where it needs to: it’s set on wheels and it comes with a convenient strap handle that facilitates movement while adding a playful touch.

For designer Lucy Kurrein, the brief from NaughtOne for an agile, easy-to-move chair was the beginning of a journey to create an upholstered lounge chair which can positively impact the way people behave in the physical workplace. “I really wanted to create a seat that would make it easy for people sitting down in it to open up inspiring conversations, feeling grounded and present” she explains.

“I really believe that how a piece of furniture encourages you to sit impacts how you feel in yourself, and that in turn impacts how you behave.” The result is the surprisingly compact yet comfortable and manoeuvrable Pippin Chair

Designed for a Sustainable Future

Since their beginning, NaughtOne have always wanted to impact the world positively. They led the way in environmental certifications and designing and manufacturing sustainable products that meet the most rigorous industry standards for commercial interiors. They keep all production local in the UK, USA and Asia when possible, reducing carbon footprint and miles travelled.

When they’re thinking of new products, they begin at the end. They create everything in their range with its life cycle in mind. Designing for the future opens a world of possibilities for us. NaughtOne proudly offer a take-back programme, allowing people to return a product to them, so they can recycle, upcycle and re-use materials. In 2021 they launched the Ever Sofa and Chair, their first product designed with the principles of circularity.

NaughtOne made it easy to service for remanufacturing or disassembling at the end of its life so they can properly recycle the materials. Their practices are constantly improving. They’re on their way and willing to go further.

With the launch of Pippin NaughtOne have taken those principles further. Like with Ever, Pippin was built for longevity and with the end in mind. All the parts were designed to be easily disassembled at the end of its life. Pippin comes with a tailored, zip-on, zip-off cover that gives the chair its sophisticated personality. The removable cover allows you to easily replace it should it get damaged or stained and the chair’s construction is free from glues and staples, making it easy to disassemble and properly recycle at the end of its life.

Lucy Kurrein is an award-winning British furniture designer, specialising in upholstered seating. Her work combines the rigour of industrial manufacturing with an intuitive approach to form and reference to historical design. Lucy is dedicated to the tactility and behaviour of materials, and has established a reputation for designing furniture with a refined silhouette and soft feel. 

Lucy founded her independent design practice in 2013, after a decade working with leading designers and consultancies in London. From her studio in Paris, she collaborates with established, international furniture manufacturers on designs for the workplace and home.

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