Introducing Protocol’s Versatile Table Tops: Elevating Interiors of Cozy Cafés to Grand Hotels

Protocol is unveiling their latest collection of table tops, which perfectly blend aesthetics with functionality for commercial design projects. Whether designing a cosy café, a bustling restaurant, or a grand hotel, this new range offers something for every setting, especially those with outdoor spaces. With over 100 stylish colour options, a hygienic gel coating, and suitability for both indoor and outdoor use, these table tops are a smart addition to Protocol’s product portfolio.

Over 100 Colour Options: A Designer’s Dream

The new table top collection from Protocol features an extensive palette of over 100 colours, including true-to-life marble and granite finishes, high gloss high sparkle finishes, metallics, and custom RAL colour options. This wide variety ensures that designers can find the perfect match for any project scheme.

Unmatched Hygiene with Special Gel Coating

In high-traffic areas such as restaurants and hotels, maintaining hygiene is crucial for guest satisfaction. Protocol’s table tops come with a protective polyester gel coat that provides a high-gloss finish, ensuring they are not only durable but also exceptionally hygienic. The 100% stainproof and waterproof surface simplifies cleaning and upkeep, making them ideal for hospitality settings. For outdoor dining, the table tops inhibit microbial growth, including bacteria and mould, ensuring outdoor areas remain impeccably clean.

Seamlessly Transition from Inside to Outside

Extend your interior styling to external eating areas with confidence: Protocol’s stone resin table tops are designed to withstand the elements, making them perfect for outdoor spaces.

These table tops maintain their allure in any setting, ensuring a seamless transition from interior to exterior design.

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