Is Chelsom on your Radar?

Radar from Chelsom is one of the signature ranges from the brand-new collection Edition 26, presenting a selection of contemporary urban fittings that would be an impressive addition to a wide variety of interior genres. Chelsom has been a BCFA member for 12 years, and have been involved in projects such as the Hilton Garden Inn.

Shallow perforated metal coolie shades in Brushed Brass are supported by detailed knurled lampholder covers, finished with contrasting Satin Black metalwork to give an industrial look. The fittings contain LED squirrel cage filament lamps for decorative impact whilst creating a warm ambient light effect.

Design Insider Chelsom Radar Close Up

“Creating our brushed brass finish has not been an overnight process. The actual chemical process is challenging because getting the right mix of all ingredients and processes is absolutely key. Too much of one thing can totally throw the final outcome away from the intended results.”

Chelsom explained that the plating of brass involves adding layers of Chrome before a hand brushing process is added. Metal is then vacuum plated and lacquered to avoid any damage or defects. The controlling of a brass finish is far harder than many other metals so our teams have to be highly skilled and consistent

Design Insider Chelsom Radar Two Lights

Desk, ceiling and wall variations are available with the latter offered as an individual or duo of coolie shades. The range is priced with and comes complete with lamps as shown. You only have to open many of the major interiors publications to see how much trends have shifted towards brass. Chelsom have worked tirelessly to create a number of Brass finishes that can blend with a variety of backdrops and applications. 

“Our brushed brass finish works on products that transcend styles offering both a contemporary and retro feel to any light fittings. Our brushed brass works brilliantly on large interesting pieces of metal so we try to use this where we can on our more striking chandeliers such as SIRIUS. That way, not only do get to create great effects with light, but also we can use our metalwork to generate texture, shine and depth.”

Design Insider Chelsom Radar Lamp

Edition 26 is an eclectic lighting collection that fully embraces the latest trends in finishes and materials.Does this range give inspiration for your project? You can also have a look at the Halo range in the same Edition 26 – these are brushed brass too. 

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