NEW: Janus et Cie Reintroduces Rio

Collection: Rio
Models: 15
Usage: Seating
Material: Aluminium
Suitability: Indoor, Outdoor

JANUS et Cie introduces six new and exciting pieces to the Rio collection, designed by Rios Clementi Hale Studios and named for its mesmerizing river-like curves.

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Design Insider Janus et Cie Rio_BuckInst_937

“The Rio line expansion is the culmination of our original design intent. The new pieces continue to be inspired by river forms—rocks, pebbles, tributaries, lush riverbanks. They greatly expand the line’s configurability and create even more inviting spaces. The Rio line can now bring the comfort of the living room or lounge to any outdoor setting.” – Sebastian Salvadó, Creative Director at Rios Clementi Hale Studios.

Originally consisting of nine benches that mix and match to give a varied look to outdoor public spaces, Rio’s latest additions include a cocktail table, side table, connection module, planter, table attachmentand trash receptacle that bring an even greater dynamic to the collection.

Design Insider Janus et Cie Rio_LoungeGroup_GV_Bronze_02

“The design is sleek and vibrant, and the modules weave seamlessly into natural surroundings. What I love about Rio is how perfectly the pieces marry the practical and the playful. The newest additions only amplify the incredible capabilities of the collection.” – Janice Feldman, founder and CEO of JANUS et Cie.

The 15-piece collection is made from a durable powder coated aluminum and is available in three finishes: Bronze, Metallic Grey and White. Designed to exist as individual freestanding elements or joined together, the pieces can be customized in endless combinations and are ideal for municipalities, shopping centres and any other site space.

Design Insider Janus et Cie Rio_MissionCreek_047

Janus et Cie have also created other products such as the Gina, a collaboration with architecture and design icon Piero Lissoni. You can read about this Design Insider.

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