Junipers Bar featuring Havwoods

Transformed in early 2018, this sophisticated new cocktail bar is a stunning example of a successful renovation from a dated building into a new, bustling town centre destination.

Using a range of Havwoods premium products, the building’s interior has been transformed into a stylish, contemporary space that seamlessly integrates into its prime central location in the town.

Design Insider Havwoods Juniper Bar

Using a combination of products across the walls, floors and cladding – including Bronzo, Notte, Istra Stretched and Darna Stretched – the wood planks from Havwoods have created an updated retro décor with a modern twist.

Utilising a unique configuration of chevron planks, in an array of colours, shades and patterns, the ‘traditional’ 1920s vibe has been combined with bright 1970s furniture and a contemporary chevron composition to create a unique space.

Design Insider Havwoods Juniper Seating

Taking Bronzo and Notte products from The Italian Collection for this project, the range is inspired by the intricate floors of Italy and comprise of chevron, herringbone and plank style board in a spectrum of shades.

Narrower in form and offering a thinner composition, their size offers the flexibility to create more complex flooring patterns.

Design Insider Havwoods Juniper Wall

Meanwhile, the Istra Stretched and Darna Stretched boards are taken from the Design From Havwoods collection, to perfectly complement The Italian Collection boards in the Junipers Bar project.

Design from Havwoods includes both engineered and solid construction planks, alongside the introduction of a select range of genuine reclaimed wood. Sourced from a multitude of mills, each distinctive design is presented in a breadth of beautiful wood tones and quality finishes.

Design Insider Havwoods Juniper Bar and seating

The end result is a project that is retro yet modern, stylish yet timeless. The Havwoods wooden boards have provided the perfect finish to an elegant new space in the heart of the town centre.

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