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Designed exclusively for the hospitality industry, residential and commercial buildings, Karizma Luce produces high quality LED lighting with Italian allure. Design Insider is thrilled to share previous restaurant case studies with our readers. Delicious food is understandably the most important ingredient for a perfect restaurant. But just as a delicious dish doesn’t consist of one single ingredient, good food is not the only factor in creating a perfect restaurant. Equally important is the role of restaurant lighting…

Narline Restaurant, Zuidwolde

At the moment, the Stretto is one of the most popular track spots in the hospitality industry. Lighting consultant Richard van Plaggenhoef of Create Light from Lelystad, in collaboration with Wim de Pruis of technical installation consultancy agency Bakker TIB, installed these spotlights in Narline in Zuidwolde, a restaurant located in a historic farm dating from 1768.

According to Richard van Plaggenhoef of Create Light, the priorities for the restaurant were atmosphere and flexibility:

“Of course, the restaurant is already full of atmosphere, which is mainly down to its centuries-old beams. What we wanted to do, was to enhance this ambience using dim-to-warm lighting. It was also very important that the lighting remained flexible, so that changes can be made when an event or wedding takes place. Another express wish was the use of DALI lighting control.”

Furthermore, the biggest challenge of the building was in the height of the ceiling: not only was it tall, but it was also slanted. On top of that, you also have to take into account the old beams. By using tracks with the Stretto track spots attached, we found the perfect solution. Thanks to the integrated driver and 3-phase adapter, the Stretto is both compact, versatile, and stylish.” The Karizma Luce Stretto (which means ‘sleek’) is available with a 20° or 36° lens, can be tilted up to an angle of 90° and rotated up to 350°, offering more than enough flexibility for a setting like this. Extra narrow light beams have been selected for the Narline restaurant, along with a golden front ring on the Stretto for an extra refined touch. The result? Richard: “A restaurant full of atmosphere, with flexible lighting, and a very satisfied customer!”

Hotel Maassluis, Netherlands 

The atmosphere in a restaurant is partly determined by the lighting. Having the right setting ensures a restaurant looks attractive and cosy, while also making guests feel comfortable. Making sure the restaurant lamps and lighting are set correctly throughout the day is easy thanks to various dimming and control options.

Karizma’s partner Utilicht, recently lit a restaurant using Profondo recessed luminaire from Karizma Luce. Profondo is the Italian word for deep and the Profondo lives up to its name since the light source is placed deep within the fitting. Moreover, the elegant appearance of the Profondo is guaranteed to make a deep impression on all guests.

The Profondo recessed luminaire is available in black and white and comes in three different versions: Profondo Basso, Profondo, and Profondo Grande. Learn about the product range here

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