KI’s Postura+ collection revisited

KI’s iconic Postura+ collection of school seating products now includes a reverse cantilever option, offering schools even more variety when creating modern learning environments.

Offering the ergonomic superiority of the Postura+ chair, this new addition to the range offers enhanced movement, coupled with the practicality of a reverse cantilever base. It safely stacks to 4 high on the floor and can be perched on a table surface at the end of the day for easy cleaning.

Design Insider KI Postura_ReverseCantilever (10)

“The expansion of the Postura+ collection over recent years has been really well received by our customers in the UK and across Europe. This new addition to the range gives schools an option to benefit from the quality and comfort of Postura+ in a more traditional form.”  – Kevin Geeves, KI’s Education Director.

Suited to a variety of applications, this chair maintains complete design cohesion with the full Postura+ range.

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“Products suited to the circular economy are increasingly specified for both public and private education projects. For some customers across Europe, this is becoming a legal obligation when procuring for government-funded schools. As the manufacturer of the UK’s most popular school chair, KI recognised the importance of offering a Postura+ 100% recycled option at no extra cost across the range.” – Kevin Geeves, KI’s Education Director.

KI’s iconic Postura+ chairs in Jet Black are now also made from 100% recycled polypropylene, helping schools and colleges meet their sustainability objectives. Whilst all Postura+ products are 100% recyclable, the Jet Black is itself composed of recycled post-consumer and post-industrial plastics, processed using the latest technology to ensure consistency and strength on par with virgin polypropylene. This cost-neutral addition to the range provides a solution for the circular economy.

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This new option is available across the Postura+ range including one-piece poly chairs (size 6 only), stools, high chairs, task chairs, reverse cantilever chairs and 4-leg on castor chairs. Of the full collection of 16 colours, only Jet Black is suitable for this recycled material to ensure colour consistency across batches.

Uncompromised on quality, the recycled chairs are certified to BS EN 1729 for strength and stability, and backed by the same 20-year warranty as all other Postura+ products. This gives education providers the confidence to buy a product that they know to be comfortable and durable, whilst reducing their environmental impact through procurement options.

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