Kyoto: Putting the soul into contract by Roger Lewis

British furniture maker Roger Lewis has launched a new contract furniture collection, Kyoto, which aims to bring the bespoke craftsmanship and unique design more often associated with residential furniture into the contract market.

The launch comes as Roger Lewis celebrates its 30th birthday, and is the debut collection of up-and-coming British designer, Richard Jones.

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Design Insider Roger Lewis Kyoto Blocks fabric Product

With the boundaries between commercial and residential interiors becoming increasingly blurred, Kyoto fuses the best attributes of both sectors.

Utilising Roger Lewis’ renowned experience of residential furniture design, Kyoto combines a stylish and modern design with comfort and functionality required for contract furniture pieces. The result is a beautiful collection, that is fully fit for purpose.

Design Insider Roger Lewis Kyoto furniture

“I wanted to take the strengths that Roger Lewis is known for, such as fine-tailoring and enduring timelessness, and repackage them within a form that would stand up to the demands of a contract environment. We didn’t want a product that felt like a traditional contract piece of furniture, we wanted a piece you’d be happy to have in your home.” – Richard Jones, Designer.

The range also sees Roger Lewis offer a more versatile portfolio of products, with the collection featuring bar stools, tables and privacy sofas – a first for the brand.

Design Insider Roger Lewis Kyoto Blocks-375

“When I first saw the designs for the Kyoto range, I thought they definitely had the Roger Lewis ‘handwriting’. The collection offers something different to your standard contract furniture, with its softness and ‘uniqueness’ of design.” adds Nick Lewis, design director at Roger Lewis. 

An innovative solution for the changing market’s needs, Kyoto reflects a global, outward looking approach, whilst maintaining the quality and individuality that has long been associated with Roger Lewis.

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