Larson-Juhl Reveal Micro-Tech Italian Veneers

Larson-Juhl is incredibly proud to introduce their new release, Micro-tech Italian Veneers. They are composed of high quality, high specification raw materials, combined with Italian technical innovation and efficiency – delivering one of Larson-Juhl’s most exciting releases yet. 

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This product has been designed with both current mass-market trends and tones in decor in mind, whilst also being extremely cost-effective. The features and benefits of our Micro-tech veneers eliminate many of the shortfalls experienced with other mouldings in this space and set a new benchmark for the category. 

Available in five colours; Nordic Oak, Light Walnut, Mocha, Light Grey and Charcoal, all offer a new ultra-thick, high-performance solution to other mouldings you may have used within your work. The range is also available in 3 sizes: (1) H38 x W19 x R28 (2) H21 x W31 x R16 and (3) H38 x W28 x R28.  With truer, longer-lasting colours, these veneers are superb to the touch and have high-quality finger jointed pine substrate. Every veneer in the range also features an exceptional adhesive layer and bond locking primer coat. The newest and most affordable Italian icon!

Micro-tech Italian Veneers are a perfect option for injecting style into any seasonal pieces you may wish to display, alongside other summer befitting Larson-Juhl products such as their popular Driftwood and Coastal Woods ranges.

Inspiration for Larson-Juhl’s dreamy Driftwood range came from the volcanic Canary Islands. This adaptation comes in two highly versatile colour options; white to reflect the beautiful white sand beaches and black to represent the striking volcanic stone.

Larson-Juhl’s Coastal Woods range is one of their best-sellers with its beautifully stained, rustic appearance and visible grain finish. The range gives off a natural feel reminiscent of the seaside and is a stunning, feel-good moulding available in over 100 different variants in total. With so many options to choose from, Coastal Woods enables you to create a unique finish, whatever the brief.

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