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During December we are celebrating the past year and looking towards 2019.  Glass experts LASVIT have a mission to transform glass into breathtaking light and design experiences and during the past year they have certainly exceeded their goals!  Read about 6 of LASVIT’s 2018 projects below.

Bellagio Hotel in Shanghai

The art-deco interiors of this luxury five-star hotel are the perfect place for the LASVIT installations displayed in its interiors. Harkening back to the golden age of Shanghai, the so-called Paris of the East, the hotel is the perfect place for a fusion of the new with the old, of the traditional with the cutting-edge. The Plisse Collection designed by Maurizio Galante, one of the world’s best known haute couture designers, takes a unique spin with this large-scale installation. Inspiration by the primary fashion elements, softness and the typical movement of fabric are transformed here into glass.  Read about this project in depth here.

Office building Butterfly in Prague

Glass bubbles cover the walls of four lobbies in the Butterfly office complex in Karlín. From an abstract cluster congeal faces of famous people who contributed to the unique spirit of this Prague´s riverside neighborhood. The installations were assembled based on a formal computer-generated blueprint and then fine-tuned, so that the viewer’s brain could really perceive the bubbled constellation as a portrait.

The primary impulse was the image of chemical molecules that are all around us. “Glass bubbles resemble round shapes commonly found in nature, whether we talk about dew drops in the grass or the planets,” says Maxim Velcovsky.   Over three thousand glass bubbles had to be made for the making of each portrait. They were then placed on the interior walls, and assembled into a seemingly random constellation of dots which, upon closer look, show a concrete image.  Discover more.

Der Öschberghof Hotel

Far away from the city’s hustle and bustle, Öschberghof resort rejuvenates its clients like a fountain of life. LASVIT has created an especially delicate and elegant installation that compliments the atmosphere of this quiet haven. The installation in hotel lobby is called “Spring,” and is inspired by the resort’s closest surroundings, referring to the blooming spirit of the nearby meadows, as well as to the Danube river which springs nearby.

“My intention was to integrate nature into the installation’s design. The components are organically shaped. Their irregular curves are reminders of the meticulous hand work of the glassblowers. Freedom in form refers to the water and its boisterous potential in traversing the countryside,” says the work’s designer, artist Petra Krausová.  Discover more.

Changi Airport

On Singapore´s Changi Airport, one of the largest airports in Southeast Asia, thousands of stories intersect every day. The scent of French perfume is lingering above the passport control. Passengers hurrying to check-ins appear to be both excited and anxious. An old couple is gazing into each other’s eyes in silence after a long separation. All this reflects, mirrors, and gently flickers in the hundreds of glass pieces floating in the space.

The individual installations consist of hand-blown glass parts that resemble the movement of leaves. Each leaf is original – each one has a different reflection, bubbles, and shine. As they interact on various levels, they give out a peaceful and airy impression.  Discover more.

SLS Lux Brickell Hotel in Miami

Although Miami is definitely sun-drenched, it would be swamped in darkness if it weren’t for the lights designed by the renowned duo of Yabu Pushelberg for the SLS LUX Brickell Hotel. Right over the reception by the main entrance shines the customized installation of one of LASVIT’s most beloved lighting collections – Cipher, also designed by Yabu Pushelberg.

“The surface decoration was influenced by our fascination and exploration of the way in which etched patterning catches light,” the designers explained.  “The form began as an extruded hexagon, but its edges were ultimately softened and smoothed to create cylindrical forms,” Yabu Pushelberg added.

Avenues Shopping Mall in Kuwait

An iridescent light evoking a sunny sky fills the dome in Avenues Kuwait. LASVIT created this stunning project from almost 2 million of crystal beads. The entire cupola was covered in intricately woven crystal beads, with a flock of 227 abstract birds suspended from the ceiling. “The flock of birds in the center was inspired by bird flight, their fluid movement in the air,” said designer Táňa Dvořáková. The whole sculpture creates a sense of distance and an impression of the birds flying through the entire cupola.  Discover more.

You can read more about LASVIT’s work on Design Insider.  LASVIT has recently finished a project on 551 West 21st Street, designed by Foster and Partners. The newly build 19-storey residential tower in the heart of the Chelsea Arts District is truly magnificent.  “Sculpture is inspired by the simple geometry repeated in circle. Bringing this geometry into the 3D space creates multifaceted glass flower.”  Read more here.

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