LASVIT Installation to Adorn Casino Sochi

The glass art installation in the Sochi casino were supplied by Lasvit, in collaboration with Dalton Steelman Arias & Anderson (DSAA), interior design firm specializing in the creation of engaging interiors for the high-end hospitality, resort, and gaming industry.Casino Sochi (3) resizeVisitors entering the lobby are welcomed by Supernova, a breathtaking interactive kinetic installation by designer Petra Krausova. Conceptually, the piece introduces the future to the present, magically transforming itself in both time and space, while responding to the viewer’s movement by changing its form. The installation is composed of clear glass elements with a linear texture that creates fascinating light patterns while moving through various angles.Casino Sochi (5) resizePetra Krausova explains;

“Supernova invites us to look beyond the glass, Its beauty comes alive with unexpected movement and refraction of light. When exploring the universe, scientists use prismatic refraction in order to identify a supernova’s composition, temperature, pressure, density and expansion.”




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