Loomah continues exploring the elements with their new Neptune Collection

Loomah is drip feeding us its latest collection which is inspired by the elements. 

The latest launch is The Neptune Collection inspired by the patterns and formations of one of the driving forces of nature, water. These stunning designs have been interpreted from rain drops, ripples and waves and a deep blue colour palette has been selected.

splash and tempestTempest & Splash

Bamboo Silk

The use of Bamboo silk on this new collection is a fantastic choice of material. Bamboo silk is extremely durable but still has that luxurious, soft touch that traditional silk holds. Bamboo is also one of the worlds most renewable resources and is completely cruelty free.

lido and rippleLido & Ripple

The Neptune Collection is hand tufted and custom made to order for your flexibility. With the four main elements being Earth, Air, Fire and Water, we are excited to see what the other element collections will be…

For more information visit www.loomah.com


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