Loomah: It’s a New Dawn…

Loomah specialises in the design and supply of traditional and contemporary luxury bespoke carpets and rugs. Loomah can supply handmade fitted carpets and loose-laid rugs in any size, any shape and any colour. All our carpets are custom made to exact room sizes and shapes, in one piece, avoiding unsightly joins.

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Dawn takes its inspiration from the sumptuously rich, luxurious damask fabrics that were popular amongst wealthy Georgian homeowners and remain sought after today.  A transitional design, Dawn combines the pattern from a traditional damask fabric with a more contemporary colour palette resulting in a versatile design with timeless appeal that will complement almost any interior scheme.

Loomah’s team states:

“Dawn combines the pattern from a traditional damask fabric with a more contemporary colour palette.”

Damasks have had a long-standing status as a luxury fabric. Traditionally, damask refers to a weaving technique whereby a reversible pattern is woven into the fabric using a jacquard-loom. Originally hand-woven in silk, they were first produced in China over a thousand years ago, spreading across Europe from Italy in the 14th century. By the 18th century, England had its own silk-weaving industry and this opulent fabric lined the walls of the finest houses and palaces. Today, the term damask is used more loosely to refer to the style of design synonymous with the original fabrics.

Natalie Cotgrove, Designer at Loomah states:

“Although damask is a traditional motif, we have added a contemporary twist with the use of colour… using a soft, tonal palette gives a more subtle impression with the lustre of the silk highlighting the motif”

Dawn is hand-tufted using a combination of the finest silk and wool. The use of silk nods to the origins of damask and gives a lustrous, shiny quality whilst the use of contrasting materials in tonal greys depicts the pattern in an understated yet effective way. Retaining the large scale of the motif adds a sense of grandeur to an otherwise subtle interpretation of the classic damask.

Damask is incredibly versatile and easy to work into any space with the ability to harmonise with both traditional and contemporary styles. “Dawn is the ideal design for adding character to more modern space, add Natalie. “It transforms this modern kitchen conversion providing a subtle link to the history of the property.” The finish is one of understated luxury that is sure to stand the test of the time.

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