Lost & Found Cocktail Bar Collection by Concorde BGW

BCFA member The Contract Chair Company recently posted a great interview with Emma Scarff from Concorde BGW about the design and idea of the stunning collection of Lost & Found cocktail bars…

Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth asked some great questions about this project and it’s a great Friday read. Take a sneak peak at a few of her questions below…

Q: What’s the inspiration behind the fictional Victorian personalities that give the Lost and Found venues such a strong sense of identity. How do you create each persona?

A: The marketing team at Revere (the pub company who own Lost & Found) have created a whole backstory for each character. Every story has a lost part and a found part.

Every site has a board room and every professor has a monikered chair. There are 5 sites currently but there are many more professors, and therefore the potential for many more Lost & Found venues.

Snippets of the stories are evident in everything from the menus where each cocktail links to a professor, to the walls where there are paintings of the characters and quotes displayed.

Each bar also has a secret bar with a secret entrance; Knutsford has a hidden door in the form of a picture frame. Over the top is a Sshh sign with a neon sign. If the light’s on the bar is open. In both Knutsford and Birmingham the door disguised as a picture, in Albion Place it’s a rose garden leading up the stairs towards a door.

Photo frame with neon sshhh sign above in KnutsfordPhotograph of Lost & Found Knutsford  by Ben Carpenter

Q: Each venue is interestingly unique but still resonates the Lost & Found brand. How do you achieve this?

A: We have core fabrics and furniture styles that are used as well as materials such as antique brass and marble. Victoriana styling is a core element. Revere wanted Knutsford to be a bit more affluent and suited to the surrounding area so its textures and colours are a lot brighter throughout. Then you have to incorporate the buildings. The Lost & Found locations are mostly in heritage buildings which leave their own signature.

Botanical themed interiors featuring fake treesPhotograph of Lost & Found Albion Place by Ben Carpenter

For the full interview, follow this link thecontractchair.co.uk/blog/interview-concorde-bgw-lost-found-designs

Feature image credit: Ben Carpenter


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