M Moser Revival Bar: Workspace Design Show

M Moser designs sustainable bar experience for the Workspace Design Show.

The Workspace Design Show (WDS) took place this week at the Business Design Centre London. The show brought together the UK’s workplace interiors community to explore the workspaces of tomorrow. M Moser were delighted to be designing the bar for the show, which hosted the WDS party on the evening of 27th February.

M Moser’s bar concept was driven by their mission to be sustainable, reducing it’s impact through repurposing, recycling and reusing material.

The Revival Bar at the Workspace Design Show

Revival was a place to inspire, restore and recharge the show visitors throughout the day. M Moser’s design reduced waste by repurposing discarded materials. The goal was to give these items a new lease of life, sparking curiosity and conversation.

Holly Loft, Senior Designer at M Moser Associates commented:

“Designing the bar for the Workplace Design Show has been a rewarding experience. The bar will be a key space activated throughout the day by interaction and conversation. The two areas (bar and lounge) centre around two key concepts of flux and stasis – movement vs stationary and action vs conversation. The aim was to provide a place of repose that is immersive, tactile, dynamic and environmentally considered through the reuse of materials. We want to leave people feeling inspired, curious and restored. As creators and designers, we are responsible for a large portion of the built environment. Our work needs to be a catalyst for conversation and evidence of change.”

Bar design partners

To bring their vision to life, the design team collaborated with some of their partners, including:

Edward Williams built the statement bar using leftover materials from other projects. The design team visited its workshop to determine which materials best suited the theme. The bar front also featured spare fabric tubes from Camira.

Silent Gliss provided a fabric made from pre-consumer waste, to create partioning throughout the space.

Flokk loaned their furniture for the lounge side. Each piece crafted sustainably with its own unique identity and story.

Bolonloaned sustainably crafted rugs for the lounge area.

Current Affairs (CA) supplied the lighting, which included a feature light above the bar. CA will repurpose the lights for future client projects.

Finally, Planteria provided planting to decorate the space and repurpose it for future projects.

The bar design reinforces M Moser’s climate mission to build to net zero. By working with their partners and peers to design and build responsibly and to help reduce waste.

Mariana Anelli, Senior Associate, Design at M Moser Associates commented:

“Working with our partners to bring our vision to life has been both fun and rewarding, a truly collaborative project. The products and materials each have a story behind them, whether they were unused, leftover or have a future purpose which was a crucial element for us.”

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