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The UK manufacturing sector accounts for almost 10% of the UK’s economic output, and we are the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world. Not only that, but the UK is also regarded as global leader in creative services. We caught up with David Johnson, MD at Newmor, the largest independent, privately owned, commercial wallcovering manufacturer in the UK to hear what manufacturing in the UK means to them. 

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“Here at Newmor we are proud to have been manufacturing and designing wallcoverings for over half a century and we are family owned to this day. Our wallcoverings are made in the UK but sold to the world. We operate in over 70 countries through a vast international distribution network and regional sales offices based in Poland, Dubai, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

He explained why buying British is good for UK Business and for the environment, “Specifying Newmor provides provenance and peace of mind, but also a knowledge that you are supporting UK manufacturing and design. The fewer miles our products clock up on their way to you, the less harm we are doing to the planet.”

Newmor has one of the most extensive ex- stock commercial wallcovering facilities in the UK, and their in-house design and manufacturing allows them to deliver bespoke designs equally efficiently. This agile approach has resulted in strong growth in the leisure and hospitality sectors as more people have holidayed in the UK.

David Johnson, MD at Newmor explained, “Being responsive to our customer’s changing needs sits at the heart of our business. We have been able to support the growing leisure sector, which includes holiday lodges due to our short lead times. At the same time, we have developed new collections and continue to invest in digital technology to support our custom specification business.”

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