Magscapes’ MagLiner – your first choice

MagLiner from Magscapes is a liner wallcovering that is highly receptive, easy to handle and great value. MagLiner™ should be the first choice to make any wall work with magnets! 

MagLiner is the UK’s leading ferrous wallcovering because it is highly receptive, easy to handle and great value.

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Ferrous Paints, Panels or Wallcoverings? Each has pros and cons – but in Magscapes’ opinion, MagLiner is the better all-rounder:

– Ferrous Paints require many coats to achieve workable receptivity

– Ferrous Panels require careful handling and are more expensive

– Ferrous Wallcoverings are fast and easy to hang with the widest choice of finishes

MagLiner has a dark brown, grey natural colour which can be used raw in industrial spaces. It is easy to paint MagLiner by using an all-purpose primer as a base – then painting with any emulsion in any colour. MagLiner beneath wallpapers, digital prints and even fabrics makes walls act as canvasses to display, work and learn.

Ferrous wallcoverings are now becoming mainstream – so stick with MagLiner to be sure of the highest magnet-receptivity (5/5 rating) and dimensional stability.

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