Maine X Quinze & Milan: Need innovative storage solutions for your office design?

Quinze & Milan teams up with Maine Office furniture solutions at Clerkenwell Design week to present the LEAN concept designed by 13&9 Design

LEAN is multi-functional furniture system that responds to the needs of a contemporary workday-life, stimulating both body and mind, while overlaying different functions in the office environment.

With the aim to avoid sitting for long periods of time while working, this modular furniture arrangement provides a dynamic exchange between sitting, standing and leaning to encourage movement and posture change as well as provide social interaction.2 resizeBy developing versatile ergonomic uses, the system allows comfortable standing or elevated seating. The designs are ideal for leaning and lounging, and the furniture invites people to move out of the static sitting routine during temporary working, relaxing, phoning, meeting and communicating.3 resizeThe combinable modules include storage, acoustic and lighting possibilities and can be arranged linearly to serve as a room divider or as islands in a variety of sizes. The furniture system offers the most optimized usage and playful layout of a space.

LEAN reflects harmony between work, individual well-being, group gathering and “standing / leaning meetings”, thus creating an unconventional and multifaceted usage of furniture in future office landscapes.

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