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The bespoke marshmallow stool designed and built by Inside Out Contracts is a great space saving solution for hospitality venues. This small and seemingly unassuming low stool, can be found in variety of venues, including Spas, cinemas, hotels and cocktail bars. Its small size makes it perfect to accompany larger seating items such as banquette, sofas or armchairs. However, as the Marshmallow stool is solid and upholstered, it means its easy to capture the colour scheme you are wanting to achieve and slots perfectly into an interior design in a variety of different areas within a venue. Because each hospitality interior design is unique, so is each marshmallow stool. They are similar in shape and size but each brands Marshmallow stools are as unique as the brands visual identity.

The only true trend noticeable with the Marshmallow stool is the need for individuality within a venue or brand. For furniture to capture the personality through colour and finishes. Marshmallow stools, can be as individual as people in personality and appearance.

The Mondrian Hotel is a good example of using the Marshmallow Stool in a variety of areas including the reception area, one of the bar & restaurant’s as well as in the bedrooms.

Whilst most marshmallow stools created are solid in colour, there is also an increasing number of requests for marshmallow stools to use a combination of upholstery. The examples shown above were used in the ground floor of the Mondrian Hotel, London.

The studded examples are a mixture of leather and fabric with gold studding.

The marshmallow upholstery selection adds texture and a range of colour to the hotel reception area, which is reflected in the mottled pattern in the rug.

Like every piece of furniture, each Marshmallow stool has been given a lot of thought to the fabrics and finishes, in this case, a black ash veneer plinth and brass brushed nail completes the look and contrasts against the 3-tier marshmallow stool.

If you look at a contrasting examples you see how a different venue personalities can be captured. The blue marshmallow stool above is simply stunning and was made for Stafford Hotel in Green Park, London. The plinth is brass laminate detail with a midnight blue velvet top and Morris &Co tapestry body upholstery. This stool was made alongside a simply stunning sofa bed and armchairs for the same bedroom. Classically elegant and luxurious, the Stafford hotel is a stately five-star luxury hotel, ticked away in the heart of the historic St James, Mayfair. You can see this venue uses totally different colours, fabrics and finishes to any other venue. Even by looking at the Marshmallow stool, you can see the venues traditional but luxurious characteristics in the deep blue velvet fabric put together with the thick traditional tapestry, contrasted with the brass plinth.

The Mondrian hotel, has a totally different character and is seen as a cultural and creative hub in Shoreditch. Hence, a Marshmallow stool in the Mondrian hotel is very different to one found at the Stafford Hotel. However, they also vary depending on if it is in a public or private area. For example, the marshmallow stool found in the Mondrian bedrooms captures a cool contemporary vibe, with its simply white silhouette. Marshmallow stools are a great space saving solution for seating and hence often used in bedrooms which include lounge spaces, where there might be a luxurious sofa, alongside a simple marshmallow stool that can easily be tucked away when not in use.

You will find many marshmallow stools around the world in high end restaurants, hotels, spas luxury cocktail bars to student common areas and each one, looks different. Each one made has a different upholstery selection to go with a unique hospitality venue interior design.

Some of the most recent Marshmallow stool designs were for venues such as the Aparthotel Kensington, the Duck and Waffle in Edinburgh, Saltie Girl, Viajante 87 and the Mont Calm hotel.

Each Marshmallow has a beauty to it, and is just one piece of the interior design, that comes together to create a beautiful picture for a hospitality venue.

If you are looking for a space saving solution for casual lounge seating, then a marshmallow stool is a great option to investigate, because you can easily capture the interior design style you want to create, through upholstery and finishes.

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