Plastic is a huge problem. final.

But…. it is also an amazing material at the same time helping us to create amazing products, being the sole solution to most human technologies.

We have seen the devastating affects plastic is having on our oceans and wildlife through countless documentaries. With the BBC’s Blue Planet II really hitting home for a lot of people how much this plastic problem is affecting the whole world. This has led to a lot of change with governments and corporations deciding to take action through slowly banning some of the biggest enemy’s of the plastic world with the 5P charge on single use plastic bags and the planned ban of plastic straws and wet wipes.

In our short documentary MATERIALS: LIVING WITH PLASTIC though we wanted to explore how design can help turn this plastic problem into a plastic solution…

A special thank you to all the companies and individuals that took part in this short documentary, for more information about what they do please do see links below:
Daniel Webb, Everyday Plastic 
James Shaw, James Shaw Studio
Caroline Till, Franklin Till
John Khoo, Interface
Paul Rose, National Geographic
and Jim Biddulph

You can view all of our MATERIAL focus articles and videos in our Material section.





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