Materials: The Making of Ceramics

This year Design Insider has decided to focus in on Materials, learning more about their history, the latest innovations and where we can see the material be used in the future, interviewing a variety of well established BCFA members which are advancing the manufacturing techniques, whether this be carpet manufacturers turning to digital from the traditional looms or factories turning to a more sustainable way of making. We also have interviewed young start up designers, who are tacking materials in a completely different way, trying to find a may of making that doesn’t fit in with the norm.

For March our focus has been on Ceramics, creating a short documentary that explores this material in depth, learning from the experts and those designers and artists that really have shaken up the way we look at this material.

With a special thank you to all those involved, including Harry Foster (Johnson Tiles), Matthew Raw (Artist), Marina Dragomirova & Iain Howlett (Studio Furthermore).


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