NEW: Meet Colour Foundation from Shaw Contract

Collection: Colour Foundation

Models: 24

Usage: Carpet

Colour Foundation brings the designer an essential and specially selected palette of colours to enhance today’s modern commercial interiors. Launched by Shaw Contract for the UK, European and Middle East markets this month, with Colour Foundation’s 24 colours, designers can choose and easily combine bright shades with neutral tones, to create both subtle and eye-catching spaces.  

Design Insider Shaw Contract Colours Blue

Colour Foundation consists of two shapes – colour square (50 x 50 cm) and colour rectangle (25 x 100 cm). Designed to work in unison, colour square and colour rectangle provide design flexibility to flooring layouts and looks. Together they offer the designer options to breathe energy and personality into the work place.

“As an interior designer when you are designing a space, there really are almost limitless possibilities. Everyone loves to use colour in a corporate environment and it makes a space feel more interesting and gives you flexibility in open plan spaces. With Colour Foundation we really wanted to bring in a selection of soft, brighter tones so they feel clean and crisp. From the outset this selected colour palette was chosen to work with UK and European commercial interior trends.” – Marcy Ewing, Director of Global Design at Shaw Contract.

Design Insider Shaw Contract Colours Grey

The fact that you can take two tile shapes and work them together was integral to their thinking in launching Colour Foundation.

“The option to work with geometry using shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles is one of the more interesting tools you have as an interior specialist. Combine this with the right colour combinations and you have bright colour options to call out and see distinct shapes, or dial down the colour and use harmonious neutral tones for effect.” – Marcy Ewing, Director of Global Design at Shaw Contract.

Design Insider Shaw Contract Colours Purple

Both colour and light affect our perception of architecture. Colour Foundation is a collection that celebrates the interplay of light, colour and shape to achieve both harmony and interest.

“I am really pleased with it, and how it builds on and integrates with our new flooring collections for Europe. Colour Foundation combines beautifully with our Rapid Select modular flooring introduced last year, and which is also manufactured at our facility in Scotland.” – Marcy Ewing, Director of Global Design at Shaw Contract.

Design Insider Shaw Contract Colours Stripes

“Carpet tile is a really great design tool because you can make this beautiful statement on the floor, and change the whole feel of your space. From transition and collaboration zones to quiet areas, Colour Foundation is a collection that works with you to realise great designs. An easy solution to create distinctive and comfortable interiors.” – Marcy Ewing, Director of Global Design at Shaw Contract.

With TaskWorx® backing, Colour Foundation is manufactured in the UK using Shaw Contract’s Eco Solution Q™ nylon fibre and is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze. If this inspires you, why not contact Shaw Contract, who is a member of the BCFA, for more information?