The Crafted Series carpet tile collection (created by Milliken’s in-house design team combines the nostalgia of the hand-made with the power of modern technology. Originally launched in 2018 as a capsule collection of two designs ‘Woven Colour’ and ‘Modern Maker’ an additional statement design ‘Warp Winding’ has now been created. The colour line has also been significantly extended creating a palette of 18 different shades – from beautiful neutrals, nature inspired mid-tones and dashes of brightness.

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The collection has been inspired by and is a celebration of the re-birth of the craft movement and in particular woven textiles. In the intervening years, since the original launch of Crafted Series, weaving has been widely celebrated in both the art and craft worlds with many high-profile exhibitions, retrospectives and outdoor installations telling the story of woven art past and present. As with the crafted items lovingly made by hand that inspired the collection, Crafted Series allows for a unique result every time it is used. The carpet tile designs and patterns give the designer endless possibilities to play with colour combinations, shape-building and designs that flow from one to another.

The new statement design ‘Warp Winding’ was inspired by the weaver’s warp (the set of yarns stretched in place on a loom before the weft is introduced during the weaving process). This provides the strong graphical geometric structure for the design, with multiple stripes and blocks. The design can stand alone or be inset into other designs or collections to create a rug effect within the interior floor plane. The design twists and turns, repeated and singular, interwoven and sequential, to build a relationship with the interior.

The new colours have been carefully chosen to be harmonious and complement the existing range. Milliken’s designers have selected colours to enhance well-being and bring the outside in; helping to make the workplace more mindful and welcoming, calming and restorative. The collection has deep tones partnered with colours that are light and fresh to create a sophisticated composition of colour-play on the floor plane. Indigo and Aqua allow hotter tones to join the palette with dark deep shades juxtaposed against shots of bright colour.

Crafted Series also adds to well-being through its innovative Comfort Lite® cushion backing, improving workplace experience for the better by reducing muscle strain and leg fatigue, reducing noise disruption and increasing comfort levels. Crafted Series carpet tiles can be supplied with TractionBack® for adhesive free installation. Eliminating the need for adhesives, TractionBack® improves indoor air quality, reduces materials wastage and contributes to WELL certification points.

Crafted Series is produced using high-performance ECONYL® yarn with 100% regenerated nylon. Offering the same strength and lifecycle as fibre crafted from virgin polymer, ECONYL® fibre is made from a minimum of 50% pre-consumer and 50% post-consumer content reducing resource consumption and waste. Crafted Series carpet tiles feature 90% recycled content cushion backing. Crafted Series can be delivered within 10 days as part of Milliken’s Quick Ship service. Manufactured in an ISO14001 certified location using renewable sources GuT & CRI Green Label Plus certified for indoor air quality EPD verified BRE certified.

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