Morgan: Renew, a journey continued.

Morgan add three new designs into their popular Oslo, Porto and Kaya Collections and use their showroom as a platform to discuss sustainability and their mandate to continuously look to reduce waste and produce products with longevity, through their exhibition ‘Renew’.

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Launched last month was the latest addition to the Oslo collection, a Scandinavian inspired, slender dining chair featuring a cane panel detail to the inside back, emphasising the lightness of the frame.

Porto barstools were also be unveiled, combining Porto’s crisp upholstery with a generous seat and a slim line metal underframe. These stools are available with a leather handle detail to the outside back.

The Kaya Dining collection has also been launched. Including the increasingly popular woven cane detail this collection is tactile, warm, and relinks contemporary design to traditional artisanal techniques. The collection has an emphasis on space and light, evoking an atmosphere of ‘komorebi’, the Japanese word for the sunshine filtering through leaves. As with a lush woodland, Kaya’s serene frame finds strength in numbers. Individual timber sections have been kept small with multiple lightweight supports in place of a single, larger component.

Morgan is currently showcasing their Lugano Collection designed by Rock Galpin. This solid crafted timber-framed collection draws inspiration from human interactions, exploring the complex topic of ‘nurture’, interpreted through form and balance. In line with Morgan’s ongoing commitment to being an environmental leader, Rock took a ‘make once, make well’ approach to designing Lugano, striving to achieve a sustainable product to last a lifetime.

The latest collections will sit alongside a complete showroom transformation, following the theme ‘Renew’. Morgan London has invited artist Olly Fathers, to create a large-scale installation across their main showroom wall, entitled ‘Offcuts’, the piece is an exploration of a single set of wood offcuts, arranged in multiple compositions. Each work is cut by hand and with each work made, a new set of offcuts are created. The series celebrates this process of constant rotation and encourages the viewer to look closer at these previously disregarded forms.

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