NEW: Morris & Co and Adea SS19 collection

Collection: SS19

Models: Anthology 06, Harlequin Atelier, Scion Zanzibar, Sanderson Glasshouse and Zoffany Icons.

Usage: Upholstery, curtains, wallpaper

Finnish contemporary furniture company, Adea has featured iconic British prints from Style Library Contract brand Morris & Co. to create a stand-out SS19 collection.

As Arts and Crafts continue to dominate design trends, adea combines its quality materials with bold and beautiful prints like Strawberry Thief and Marigold to introduce a new element to its range.

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Design Insider Style Library Adea stand

Launched at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, adea’s CEO Esa Mäkitalo comments on the overwhelmingly positive response:

“We wanted to use strong images and colours combining modern furniture design with true print classics. We tried different fabrics but William Morris’ Strawberry Thief stood out very early on. The products stood out and the combination of products and prints was loved by all. We hope that we have given the public a new way of looking at our modern furniture as well as print classics. They can be combined to create something new and refreshing.”

Design Insider Style Library Adea chairs

With both brands embodying an ethos that places paramount importance on quality materials and design that serves form and function, the collection sets an exquisite example on how to create something new and refreshing that stands the test of time.

Design Insider Style Library Adea Product


BCFA member Style Library Contract have an array of new SS19 projects this year, which include Anthology 06, Harlequin Atelier, Scion Zanzibar, Sanderson Glasshouse and Zoffany Icons.

“Our SS19 launch is a fabulous amalgamation of abstract techniques found within an artist’s studio, juxtaposed with iconic fashion influences. Each of the collection’s designs are hand painted using a variety of mediums such as ink and gouache to maintain a hand-crafted feel.” – Claire Greenfield, lead designer of Harlequin.

Anthology 06- Inspired by brutalist architecture and organic forms, it adds a new chapter to the Anthology wall covering selection.

Design Insider Anthology Montage

Harlequin Atelier- Inspired by urban pottery and 1970’s fashion

Design Insider Harlequin Montage

Scion Zanzibar- Sketchbook looks feature alongside hard-edged architecture

Design Insider Style Library Scion

Sanderson Glasshouse- Botanical beauty meet bold beautiful hues

Design Insider Style Library Sanderson

Zoffany Icons – Culturally significance designs meet exquisite techniques

Design Insider Style Library Zoffany

For more information, you can always search Style Library on Design Insider – Peter Gomez recently answered some of our questions in regards to their Zoffany Icons.

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