Motifs By Muraspec: The Asian Collection

Motifs is a series of collections by Muraspec inspired by different cultural themes. Their latest addition to this series is the Asian Collection.

The Asian Collection demonstrates a vibrant range of four captivating designs, created at our Kent studio; Nami, Nami Carp, Gingko and Fan. These stunning designs combine a rich Far Eastern cultural ambience with patterns and textures from Nature, and a sense of natural movement – all of which deliver an energising and revitalising quality to both commercial and residential spaces.

This Collection is printed and embossed on a non-woven fabric backing and is Euroclass B fire rated.

Nami 11315 Nami Render webNami Carp11310 Nami Carp Render webGinko11318 Gingko Render webFan11325 Fan Render web

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