Nature Inspired Colour for se:air by Sedus

Sedus Stoll is one of the leading all-round providers of office furniture and workplace concepts. The high-quality, “Made in Germany” office furniture is sold around the world and is well represented in Europe and Dubai.  Last month the Sedus team launched se:air during Clerkenwell Design Week in a selection of nature inspired colours.

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se:air – hybrid swivel chair with impressive design

The trend towards flexible workspace concepts and creative communicative work calls for furniture that adapts automatically to the user and is easy to handle – no matter where work is being done. In open spaces, in individual offices and in the home office, light and delicate design is more in demand than ever.

“When designing se:air, from the very beginning it was our objective to reduce a swivel chair with good seating comfort to the bare essentials in terms of design,” explains Konstantin Thomas, product designer at Sedus Stoll AG. “We replaced the conventional swivel chair mechanism with ‘mono-material kinematics’, which allowed us to pursue vibrant aesthetics in order to focus entirely on the product’s mobility. This solution is also reflected in the transparent knitted membranes which meet the highest ergonomic and environmental standards and add a certain lightness to the product, thereby making it possible to avoid the use of PU foam. The concept also takes a sustainable approach, as se:air incorporates all functions in just a few components, reduces complexity to a minimum and guarantees an eventual good separability of materials.”

se:air sage green

se:air – lightness meets elegance

Keeping cool is part of se:air’s nature. It doesn’t have the ‘typical’ classic full upholstery. Instead, it has an airpermeable mesh membrane in the seat and backrest, thus ensuring breathable comfort. Different sitting positions and movements are optimally supported due to the changing degrees of hardness in the membrane. Heat accumulation at pressure points, pressure sores and slipping around on the seat are thus easily prevented.

“As part of our product launch in May, we are adding three more colours to the monochrome colour concept of se:air,” explains Thomas. “With midnight blue, ruby red and sage green, we have opted for three muted trend colours that are not distracting for the user. These nature-inspired touches beautifully complement tone-on-tone concepts for offices, but also for your own home. They are subtle while making a clear statement.”

se:air midnight blue

se:air – sustainable, durable, modern

The delicate se:air design is not only visually convincing. It also stands out due to its sustainable features. As early as the design process, efforts were made to reduce the individual components and to leave out what was redundant. This results in a light, total weight of only 12 kg and a recyclability of 100%. The black frame material is partly made of recyclate, and the tear-resistant, extremely durable membrane is “Made in Germany”. It is knit to a perfect fit, so that there is no waste. The functional armrests, the base with five legs and the optional lumbar support elegantly round off the swivel chair.

se:air ruby red

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