New Concept From ege: Highline Express

With Highline Express by ege, a new concept comprising six premade collections structured around the main pillars in contemporary interior design, choosing the perfect flooring design has become easier than ever before.

The background: anti-choice
Every single day you make thousands of choices – in fact, 200 are devoted to food alone!  According to a growing body of research, each choice, no matter how weighty or frivolous, affects your ability to make sound judgements. The classic ”customer is king” approach offers all the possibilities and combinations that you can dream of. But, with many decisions to be made all the time, the opposite is needed.

ege make life easier to you
With the new Highline Express collections, we offer a wide range of premade designs – ready to pick, produce and use right away. With a minimum of effort you can fit your hotel room, office or shop with a carpet featuring all the benefits of a ready-to-install design (reduced price and delivery time among others) AND the look of a custom carpet 100% tailored to make the best of your product, architecture and location.

Six Highline Express design themes cover all your needs
Introducing a completely revolutionised concept for premade patterns, Highline Express makes it much faster and more inspiring to select standard designs. We have even grouped our designs to make it easy for you to navigate. Thus, you can tune in on the overall category that describes your project best by selecting either Arts & Crafts, Classic, Cultures, Essentials, Graphic or Nature.

Highline Express embraces more than 2,000 ready-to-produce carpet designs. Thus, the production time is very short – only 1.5 weeks. Structured around Arts & Crafts, Classic, Cultures, Essentials, Graphic and Nature each theme offers a myriad of predesigned patterns. Colours and pattern scales are easily changed to make the designs fit perfectly to the rest of the interior.

Arts & Crafts: Inspired by creative pieces of art and craftsmanship.


Classic:  A celebration of graceful designs present for centuries.


Cultures:  Ethnic works inspired by symbols, rituals, traditions and folk tales.


Essentials:  Timeless and elegant patterns with refined character.


Graphic:  Visually strong compositions with contemporary and distinct patterns.


Nature:  Fine shapes and spectacular colours from nature.


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