Newmor: New Collaboration of Two Pattern Powerhouses

For someone who loves pattern, it was an absolute delight to host the launch of Newmor’s latest designer collaboration in the majestic interior of The Monastery in Manchester. The evening began with canapés and prosecco, followed by a panel discuss on the Power of Pattern. I was joined by Cheryl O’Meara, Director at Print Pattern Archive, Rosanna Campbell, Head of Design and Marketing at Newmor Wallcoverings and Sarah Wakefield, Creative Director at Jolie. We delved into the significant role patterns play in modern luxury with an exclusive look at Newmor’s latest collection. The evening continued with more fabulous food, drink and conversation with design professionals.

Newmor are well known for championing British design, whether that’s their own studio or through their amazing Designer collaborations. Their latest collection with Print Pattern Archive reimagines historical designs, bringing a fresh twist to timeless classics.

Having Sarah Wakefield on the panel to put the new collection in a design context was invaluable. Given her studio’s expertise in colour psychology, she said:

“Patterns are a powerful extension of our approach to colour psychology at Jolie, serving as an essential design tool that enhances the sensory experience of a space. Just as colours evoke specific emotions, patterns can influence perception and behaviour. By thoughtfully integrating patterns into our designs, we can guide the emotional journey of individuals within a space, creating environments that not only look beautiful but also feel intuitively right.”

The Persian Painter by Print Pattern Archive for Newmor

Together, Newmor and PPA have revitalised heritage patterns. The six new designs are an eclectic mix of styles that demonstrate the strength of this partnership. Rose Campbell said:

“Pattern has the power to evoke emotions. Whether you’re designing for a 5-star hotel, workplace, or healthcare, the clever use of pattern and colour are essential components in creating memorable spaces that resonate and inspire us. I have loved working with PPA on this diverse mix of adaptable designs.”

Cheryl O’Meara adds:

“In the world of interior design, pattern, colour and heritage are the heartbeats of transformation, breathing life and narrative into space. Our new collection speaks volumes, the six designs are an eclectic mix of heritage and modernity – bringing the hip into heritage.”

Commenting on the new designs, Sarah Wakefield commented:

“Newmor’s collection demonstrates a true boldness and bravery in pattern and design. They have reinvented archived prints from various periods, countries, and sources of inspiration, giving them a fresh lease on life with modern colours and touches. At Jolie, we are always on the lookout for the best new fabrics on the scene, so we can incorporate them into our projects, whether it’s a feature cushion or wall panelling in a hotel room”.

Six New Wallcovering Designs:

Gilded Garden by Print Pattern Archive for Newmor

Gilded Garden – A gilded cornucopia of lush botanical flora and fauna full of intricate detail. The mylar base elevates this design bringing the organic elements to life as the light catches them!

Ahikoku by Print Pattern Archive for Newmor

Shikoku – Delicate etchings capture the tranquil scenic beauty of this Japanese island’s botanical wonders. Evoking a sense of peace and harmony in any space.

The Persian Painter by Print Pattern Archive for Newmor

The Persian Painter – Arts and Crafts-inspired florals, vibrant pomegranates, delicate moths and birds sit gracefully, adding to the warm and enchanting ambiance of this archive musing.

Vintage Versure by Print Pattern Archive for Newmor

Vintage Verdure – An enchanting reinterpretation of 16th-century Flemish verdure tapestries. The woollen embossed base adds real depth and a tactile quality to enhance the design.

Mythical Dynasty by Print Pattern Archive for Newmor

Mythical Dynasty – Mythical creatures converge with the rich tapestries of Russian folk art. Each tile reveals burnished metallic magic, where majestic dragons and graceful phoenixes are framed amidst celestial patterns.

Optic Tropic by Print Pattern Archive for Newmor

Optic Tropic – A futuristic fusion of oriental allure and geometric grandeur. This ornate structured trellis is softened by the barely there whisps of bamboo shoots peeping through and delicate shimmer of mylar.

Cheryl O’Meara shared her development journey for the new collection:

“Last summer, I spent time in the Far East visiting family in Singapore. It was such an inspiring melting pot of Eastern and Western culture and history, with futuristic organic architecture entwined with lush tropical foliage. There is really no other place like it on earth where the future meets the past in such synergy and celebration. It was fresh in my creative energy as I started to design this collection, so it’s no wonder we have everything from French verdure tapestry to Japanese ethereal scenes”.

This seeming paradox in styles is PPA’s signature approach to design. Their archive houses antique gems from every culture that inspire design direction. Over a decade in the industry, PPA has inspired and created designs for hundreds of brands across fashion and home, including industry titans such as Alexander McQueen and Soho House.

Mythical Dynasty by Print Pattern Archive for Newmor

Cheryl O’Meara explains why the collaboration with Newmor is particularly significant and how PPA approached the project:

“Having spent years working behind the scenes as ‘the industry’s best-kept secret’, it feels lovely to step out from behind the curtain and have the opportunity to debut our own creations. Having a blank canvas was quite a new experience, so we just went with our intuition and didn’t overthink it. Kerri and I found ourselves transported to magical spaces, imagining who was there and what they were doing, how they were feeling. Then we would look through the archive for wallpapers and fabrics inspired by the aesthetic and mood of the magic. It was so exciting to see the first samples come to life. From imagination to paper, to computer to real life, we never tire of seeing ideas come to reality”.

Rose Campbell explains why Newmor selected PPA for their newest collaboration:

“The first time I met Cheryl and Kerri I knew they would be a great fit for Newmor and bring something really unique to our range. Their contemporary heritage vibe, or ‘hipstorical’ aesthetic as PPA say was exactly what we were looking for and seeing the archive for the first time gave me a tingle down my spine! Cheryl and Kerri have done a fantastic job pulling the designs together, paired with Newmor’s expertise in choosing the right bases from metallics to silk effects really made the designs sing – it’s where the alchemy happened, and the collection came together. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with them both on this project”.

Gilded Garden by Print Pattern Archive for Newmor

Sarah Wakefield beautifully summed up the night;

“Pattern has always been something to celebrate, regardless of individual taste. You can see pattern in fabrics, the layout of a floor, or the natural swirling effect of a solid marble bar top. Knowing how to use pattern is important, and I hope today’s discussion has provided listeners with useful tips on how to boldly incorporate it into their own spaces and designs. What I’ve most enjoyed about using pattern throughout my career as an interior designer is that it’s never out of fashion. It always appears in every project, whether it was designed 10 years ago or today. Pattern should always be celebrated”.

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