Newmor – Prism Collection

With around a 100 new designs in their latest PRISM collection, there truly is a wallcovering to suit any style. From bold patterns to subtle textures with Newmor you can coordinate statement designs perfectly with subtle lines and simple textures.

Digitally Mastered

2-5Digital printing on a mylar substrate allows the emboss to glisten through the fusion of colour in these five fabulous designs. Each pattern takes full advantage of dichroic metals; gold, platinum, bronze and copper simply “melt” into the design surface creating spectacular 3D effects. The expansive palette of nitrous greens, glorious magentas, mercurial blues and inky opals create iconic backdrops for statement interiors.

Strata Effects

Linear designs add interest and colour to provide perfect backdrops. Distinctively different, each of the three new designs is available in 12 colours.  The spirit of ingenuity is captured in equal parts with a simple elegance and natural appeal. Combinations of colorways and subtle metallic tip printing allows for easy coordination into any design scheme.

Trending Texture

From the atomic structure of CRATOS, to the woven construction of BRIGNAC and filigree nature of ANOTOLE each of these three designs build on the natural texture trend by adding the magic of metallic inks. The integration of a simple print with a strategic use of metallic inks creates a striking result that fits with today’s contemporary preference and is widely applicable to multiple end uses such as, hospitality, healthcare or corporate.

  1. ELLA   view collection
  2. CIRQUE STRIA   view collection
  3. ZOLA   view collection
  4. POP FLOWER   view collection
  5. GISELE   view collection
  6. BARDOT   view collection
  7. SIRENUSE   view collection
  8. DELOUCHE   view collection
  9. BRIGNAC   view collection
  10. ANATOLE   view collection
  11. CRATOS   view collection

Product Information

  • 5 year warranty  against manufacturing defectsProduct Information
  • Large samples are readily available on request
  • Fully washable and in most cases can be scrubbed repeatedly to remove any marks without damaging the product itself
  • Manufactured to include anti-microbial protection as standards to help in the controls of fungi, actinomycetes and bacteria
  • Fire Rated
  • Resistant to temporary staining of oils, fats, mild acids and alkalines

All Images © Newmor 2015


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