ONE: Darren Hilliker

Continuing with our popular ONE series, we spoke with Darren Hilliker, Architect and Design (A&D) Manager at CMD Ltd.  Darren brings more than 20 years’ experience in the office interiors market to CMD Ltd, the specialist in workstation power and ergonomic solutions for commercial environments. With a background in the furniture sector, Darren is passionate about ergonomics and solutions that combine productivity, comfort and aesthetics.

ONE Designer – Peter Opsvik

Ranging from the ground breaking kneeling chair to the innovative globe concept, Peter Opsvik’s designs have consistently demonstrated an understanding of comfort, engineering and ergonomics. So much innovation in ergonomic office seating is based on his legacy and his designs are iconic in both homes and offices around the world.

ONE Band – Jeff Healey

A Canadian guitarist , Jeff Healey was blind thanks to a rare childhood cancer but he didn’t let that stop him from topping the charts and releasing multiple albums. He also toured with rock legends including Eric Clapton, BB King and ZZ Top. His is an inspiring story of following your dream, no matter what obstacles might lie in your path.

ONE Car – Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprite

I’m a bit of a classic car nerd and I’ve dreamed of owning a Frogeye Sprite for years (still hopeful it might happen one day!). A design classic, it’s a British-made sports car with a friendly face and an unmistakeable look. A shining example of British design and engineering at its best.

We certainly think we know Darren a little better now. Tell us your ONE designer, band, car or colour… we would love to know!

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