ONE: Gavin King

Continuing with our new series, we invited Gavin King to take part in ONE, where you can glimpse the passions, interests and unexpected choices of the individuals behind the UK’s design and manufacturing sectors.

Gavin is the Director at SpaceInvader Design Ltd. He has 25 years’ experience of designing inspirational commercial environments for leading UK organisations such as ITV, KPMG, and the BBC. Gavin leads the Manchester studio whilst driving the research and implementation behind SpaceInvader’s work place strategy and change management processes. Here we learn about the designer behind the brand! 

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ONE Activity: Cooking

ONE Cooking

Often combined with another favourite of mine, pizza, I love to get creative in the kitchen. Never followed a recipe in my life, which begs the question why I have hundreds of recipe books. Knowledge of materials, processes, detailing and construction – pretty much my day job, but you can eat it!

ONE Saying: “Don’t get angry with a dog for barking”

ONE Dog1

This saying just sums up how you can accept the things you cannot change in others and concentrate on what you can affect within yourself. Dogs bark – get over it! However “don’t get angry with a cat for ruining your sofa” is an entirely different kettle of fish…

ONE Historical Figure: Siddartha Guttamma

ONE - Siddhartha-Gautama

The man who would go on to become Buddha. Two and half thousand years ago he sat under a tree and figured it all out and was good enough to pass it on to everyone willing to listen. What he said impacts on every level of what we do from the superficial to the profound.

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We certainly feel that we know Gavin a little better now. Tell us what your ONE place, actor or car is, we would love to know!

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