ONE: Gurvinder Khurana

Continuing with our new series, we invited Gurvinder Khurana to take part in ONE, where you can glimpse the passions, interests and unexpected choices of the individuals behind the UK’s design and manufacturing sectors.

Director and Co-founder of Align, Gurvinder Khurana is an interior designer who believes in the power of emotional intelligence, human-centric design and the daring use of colour, as seen in the consultancy’s many award-winning office, hospitality and residential projects. Here we learn about the designer behind the brand!

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ONE Box Set: Years and Years

ONE Years & Years

The best sci-fi takes the logic of today and sells it back to you as tomorrow’s reality and this series does this to a frightening degree. The series follows a family over the coming 15 years, mixing politics and technology with brilliant small details. Uncomfortably close to home.

ONE Philosopher: Khalil Gibran

ONE Khalil Gibran

Someone introduced me to Khalil Gibran at university and his book, The Prophet, has never since been far from my side. Whenever life gets too hectic or stressful, Gibran gives you perspective and allows you to breathe again. A huge influence on my life and thinking.

ONE Designer: Miuccia Prada 

ONE Miuccia Prada

One of the most iconic women ever in the world of fashion. She had no formal training, which blows my mind, though she does have a PhD in political science! She combines her unique wit, glamour and cool to create clothes of pure elegance and brings such a sense of fun to all her brands. A true phenomenon.

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We certainly feel that we know Gurvinder a little better now. Tell us what your ONE book, composer or film is, we would love to know!

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