ONE: Jacqui Smith

Continuing with our popular ONE series, we spoke with Jacqui Smith, Director at HomeSmiths.  Jacqui is an interior designer specialising in care homes and retirement living with a real focus around dementia. She is also an interior designer with a visual impairment. 9 years ago she permanently lost the sight in her left eye. Jacqui’s personal experience of sight loss gave her a whole new appreciation of how disabling environments can be and the role which good design plays in supporting people, enabling them to live independently and with purpose, for longer.

ONE Shop – Doodie Stark

A lovely little boutique in my local village, Lindfield.  Gorgeous clothes, lovely personal service and pieces that last and last.

ONE Film – Brief Encounter

It’s a wonderful film made even more powerful by Rachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto.  Many years ago, my grandfather bought the classical record to play for my grandmother as it had so moved him.  He died in his 50s and up until the day she died, grandma would go misty eyed when she heard the opening chords.  Just typing this gives me goose bumps.

ONE Love – David

My husband, my best friend, my rock and my business partner.  Easy going, funny and kind, people think he might be a push over and he’s not.  I love that when the situation requires it, he will stand firm and it always throws people!


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