ONE: Jonny North

Continuing with our popular ONE series, we spoke with former Design Engineer, Jonny North, who has recently been promoted to the new role of Design Manager at CMD. Responsible for driving new product development, Jonny also ensures both customer feedback and commercial considerations are embedded in the product development journey. His new role is part of wider changes for CMD’s design and innovation capability, bringing together the bespoke solutions and new product development expertise in a single team. A key element of Jonny’s role will be to connect the product development and sales functions within CMD to ensure the customers requirements are prioritised in the design process. 

ONE Artist – Pete McKee

Pete McKee is an artist from Sheffield who began his career as a cartoonist for  the Sheffield Star and now attracts a worldwide following. He depicts every day scenes with humour and simplicity and I love the way he conveys so much with such skill. I have a print of his work ‘The Snog’ at home.

ONE Box Set – The Office (American version)

The American version of The Office is a go-to box set for my wife and I when we can’t decide what to watch. There isn’t a bad episode and it’s always guaranteed to make us laugh, no matter how many times we’ve seen it before.

ONE Designer– Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson is a furniture designer and craftsman who began making solid oak furniture in the early 1900s and carved a mouse onto every piece because he was ‘as poor as a church mouse’. His ‘Mouseman’ pieces now sell for £thousands and they have stood the test of time as durable practical pieces. Form and function in perfect harmony, which I very much admire.


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