ONE: Julian Evans

Continuing with our new series, we invited Julian Evans to take part in ONE, where you can glimpse the passions, interests and unexpected choices of the individuals behind the UK’s design and manufacturing sectors.

Julian is the Senior Designer at BroomeJenkins and has a very broad role within the company. His technical skill, market experience and competence in software means he is able to apply himself to a multitude of design related tasks. At Broomejenkins he has helped deliver products for an international client base of industry leading companies.  Here we learn about the designer behind the brand!

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ONE Object: Mekur Futur Razor

ONE Razor

My wife bought it for me many years ago. It’s a single bladed wet shave razor. Its reassuringly heavy. It takes double edged old school blades which are cheap by comparison to the multi bladed metal/plastic composite ones that you see on TV, and it works just as well. It’s all aluminium with a simple, timeless, unassuming aesthetic, no plastic parts. I know I will keep it for the rest of my life (so long as the blades are still manufactured) which is probably about the best environmental story for any kind of product: buy one and never have to replace it. Wet shaving with a traditional brush and solid soap is a small life pleasure, I just need to do it more often.

ONE Book: Mechanism of Mind by Edward de Bono

ONE - Mechanism of Mind by Edward de Bono

I have read several of his books in the past and they are all easy to read and very insightful about the human mind and how it works, whilst providing tools to help organise and promote creative thinking. This book is particularly good at illuminating the traps that we all fall into with our thought processes that get progressively worse over time, feeding prejudice and closed mindedness. As designers, who are charged with looking at the world differently, we need to be aware of and overcome these mental habits to be able to create genuine innovation and problem solve creatively. This book is a great read for anyone in a creative industry, and beyond, for that matter.

ONE Drink: Gin and Tonic


I was drinking gin and tonics before it was fashionable and there was only really Gordons available, and my mum telling me it was a ladies drink. Now it comes in multiple varieties, gets served in wine glasses on steroids with a bunch of fruit and berries thrown in and they cost about 8 quid. I still drink it though.

ONE Saying: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”

ONE Morris Quote

William Morris. I’ve always thought that this was a good doctrine to live by although I have to confess that my family do not necessarily follow this. Having children, means that you will fall at the first hurdle. One needs to be very disciplined, in this age of consumerism to strictly adhere to its message. However, I think with the burgeoning awareness of the unsustainability of our hyper consumptive lifestyle and throw away culture that we have been living for many years, this logic seems to be more relevant than ever. I can see the western population slowly realising that this advice makes sense in many ways.

ONE Place: Dartmoor, Devon

ONE Dartmoor

My parents would take us to Devon on holiday when we were children and they retired to the area when I had just left university so I have always loved the place since I was a child. The landscape on Dartmoor ranges from hostile moorland where sheep and ponies roam freely, to intimate wooded areas with stone bridges, winding roads and crystal clear streams. all slightly mystical. Then there are the iconic “tors” sprouting from the peaks at various points, perfect for climbing. Best part is the area is so large and varied it is always possible to find a place where you will find yourself completely alone.

We certainly feel that we know Julian a little better now. Tell us what your ONE item, drink or musician is, we would love to know!

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