ONE: Zoran Matijevic

Continuing with our popular ONE series, we spoke with Zoran Matijevic, Head of Design for Crofts & Assinder.  Crofts & Assinder manufacture decorative hardware. Zoran Matijevic told us that he’s ‘been lucky enough to travel extensively which has really opened my eyes to many aspects of design, through visual facets of both the natural and man-made world. I’m particularly fond of Brutalism and especially concrete!’

ONE Object – Chair

One of the oldest human design requirements, the chair is often overlooked as something mundane and functional but it can be an aesthetic masterpiece.  The cantilever chair (Mies van der Rohe) first drew my attention to just how beautiful chairs can be – simple, elegant and almost mystical in the way it floats!

ONE Space – Original Birmingham Library

As a child, I grew up using this library regularly and was in awe of the inverted ziggurat structure which later I began to appreciate for its brutal aesthetic and strong linear form. I was always mesmerised by the stillness inside which was in complete contrast to the almost primal exterior.

ONE Box Set – Hammer House of Horror

I used to watch these as a teenager and they still hold a special place in my heart. Looking back, what made this series so scary and appealing is the sheer mundanity of the English setting, far removed from typical American horror films and as a result, the terror seemed all the more realistic.

ONE Food – Punjena Paprika (Serbian Stuffed Peppers)

I’m not really one to dwell on my heritage but when it comes to food, that is where I love to become more expressive. My Mother and Baba before her used to cook traditional Serbian dishes constantly and this is really just a home comfort food for me!

We certainly think we know Zoran a little better now. Tell us your ONE object, space, box set or food… we would love to know!


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