Outdoor upholstery getting too hot in the sun? Not any more!

Have you ever sat down on a seat that has been in direct sunlight, and it’s been too hot to sit on? Our poor bums! But not any more.

With skai® cool colors Venezia, Malone Fabrics in partnership with the HornschuchGroup presents a true innovation in the area of outdoor upholstered furniture.cool colours 4The new development is impressive with its superior function and exclusive look. For upholstered furniture that is exposed to direct sunlight, heating of the surface is often a problem, especially for dark colors. The innovative upholstery material now opens new possibilities to outdoor furniture designers with regard to the variety of available colors.

With Hornschuch cool colors technology, up to 80 percent of the near infrared radiation is reflected due to the special cool colors pigments. This reduces the heating of the upholstery material by up to 25%, which noticeably increases comfort. The innovative technology has proven itself for years in outdoor use, such as on window frames or convertible seat covers.cool colours 2The darker the color, the greater the effect.

Exclusively distributed by Malone, skai® cool colors Venezia outdoors now makes the use of colored synthetics possible over the entire color spectrum. From the beginning, 13 trendy colors are available. Manufacturers of outdoor upholstered furniture will also be pleased to learn that a nano coating makes the material extremely weather-resistant, UV-resistant, and dirt-resistant.

In addition to the function, the design of skai® cool colors Venezia is also impressive: the fine textile look has a sporty-elegant appearance, while the subdued weave structure has a pleasant feel.cool colours 3Recognised with the interzum award: intelligent material & design 2013, with the Blue Drop Award Selection 2013, the German Design Award 2014 and the iF product design award 2014.




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